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Step into the world of EXXOTIC Models, where the traditional boundaries of adult entertainment are reimagined, and high-caliber erotica is celebrated with fervor and artistry. Founded in 2022 by Dimi, a seasoned photographer and social media content virtuoso, EXXOTIC Models has emerged as a bastion of sensuality and human expression.

What Awaits You at EXXOTIC Models:

EXXOTIC FEED: A mesmerizing mix of content from various models, AI-generated images, NSFW content, teasers of our models, and previews of our exclusive films and homemade videos.

SPICY FEEDs of Models: Sign up now for the free feeds of Estephania and Caro. These feeds feature content too risqué for Instagram, including free photo sets and videos showcasing our models’ more provocative side.

PRIVATE FEEDs of Models: Experience a daily mix of pictures and videos, revealing our models in sexy and sensual scenarios from their everyday lives.

HOMEMADE: Step into the intimate world of our models with self-shot films, often featuring nude content and special adult-only performances. 

MOVIE: Produced in collaboration with Exxotic Models, these films are showcased in our ‘CREATIONS‘ section, each a masterpiece of visual artistry and erotic storytelling.

At EXXOTIC Models, we are passionate about transcending the conventional. Each visual narrative we create is a blend of sensuous frames and movements, crafted to captivate your senses and imagination. Our models are not just subjects of admiration but storytellers, bridging the gap between art and erotica.

The ‘Daily Feed’ invites you to witness the raw and authentic spectacle of our models’ lives, transforming everyday moments into enchanting stories. Our commitment to quality and artistry is evident in every image and film, celebrating the nuanced interplay between sensuality and creativity.

Our extensive collection, including the ‘Movie Section,’ is an ode to the human form in its diverse glory. We cater to an array of preferences, ensuring that every visitor finds content that resonates with their desires.

In our universe, the portrayal of nakedness is an art form, a canvas where strength, grace, and liberation converge. Each model at EXXOTIC Models embodies empowerment and individuality, using their unique narratives to inspire and enthrall.

Join Our Community:

We invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey with us. A journey where artistry, desire, and liberation intertwine to create an unparalleled experience. EXXOTIC Models is more than a website; it’s a movement, a celebration of individuality and collective prowess in the realm of erotic art.

Step into the captivating world of EXXOTIC Models – where beauty, sensuality, and excellence are not just admired but revered. 



Photographer and founder of EXXOTIC Models


Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the striking visuals I’ve captured, gracing the virtual galleries of Instagram. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, I invite you to explore the artistry that defines my lens—each photograph is a crafted story, a captured moment that beckons closer inspection.

My journey into the world of photography began with the expansive canvas of natural landscapes—a voyage that concurrently ignited my passion for travel. Yet, as rewarding as it was to frame the beauty of Mother Earth, I soon realized that my true calling lay elsewhere.

Fast forward to the present day, and behold: EXXOTIC Models, a canvas far more intimate, yet just as expansive in its scope and vision. Here, we celebrate not just the allure of natural landscapes, but the complex terrains of human sensuality and desire.

It’s important to note, however, that EXXOTIC Models isn’t the accomplishment of a lone artisan. The dream is too grand, the vision too expansive to be contained within the boundaries of a single imagination. So, come and join us—whether as a spectator or as a collaborator—in this groundbreaking odyssey that melds artistry, sensuality, and the indefinable magic that happens when the two converge. Welcome to EXXOTIC Models.



Boasting an extraordinary knack for capturing the essence of every individual, Alex masterfully brings out the best in everyone he photographs. His talents are not merely recognized; they are sought after. As one of Germany’s premier photographers, Alex is frequently the go-to choice for influencers in need of photos that are nothing short of iconic.

Each image that emerges from his lens is an exercise in unparalleled artistry—a testament to his skill, vision, and devotion to his craft.

Discover this brilliance for yourself. We invite you to browse through the captivating portfolio that Alex has so skillfully curated.

It brings me immense pride to say that Alex contributes his unparalleled expertise to EXXOTIC Models. His work elevates not just the models he captures but the very standard of what we aim to achieve as a platform. Welcome to a world where excellence is not just an ideal; it’s the norm.

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Kevin Bittroff

Introducing Kevin Bittroff, the dynamic new photographer at EXXOTIC MODELS. At 42, Kevin, based in Thüringen, Eisenach, Germany, merges his technical background as an information scientist with his artistic vision behind the camera. His unique journey from modeling to photography gives him an empathetic edge, enabling a deeper connection with the models he photographs.

Kevin’s venture into photography in 2017 quickly evolved into a profound passion for capturing the essence of fashion and lifestyle on Instagram. His work is not just about taking pictures; it’s about storytelling and creating narratives that engage and resonate. His expertise in building significant online reach is now a valuable asset to EXXOTIC MODELS.

His style is a blend of authenticity and artistic composition, capturing the raw beauty of his subjects while highlighting their individuality. Kevin specializes in portraying diverse beauty standards, showcasing a wide range of models, each with their unique story and style.

For models in the Thüringen region aiming to collaborate with EXXOTIC MODELS, Kevin is the ideal photographer. His approachable nature and profound understanding of the modeling industry make him a perfect mentor for both new and experienced models.

Kevin’s collaboration with EXXOTIC MODELS goes beyond photography; it’s about creating a movement that celebrates individuality and redefines beauty standards. His commitment to innovation and his vision for inclusive beauty make him a pivotal part of our team.

CHRIS sander


If you’ve been enthralled by the panoramic drone views and cinematic-quality videos featuring our array of stunning models, you’re experiencing the artistic mastery of Chris firsthand. A multifaceted talent, Chris serves as not only a photographer and filmmaker but also the mastermind behind the coding and design of the entire EXXOTIC Models website.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Chris’s DNA is imprinted on every aspect of the EXXOTIC Models experience. From the flawless user interface to the intricate back-end functionalities, his technical expertise ensures that our digital presence is as captivating as the content it hosts. His work goes beyond mere documentation—it transcends, lifting each piece into a realm that captivates the eye and resonates with the soul.

Whether you’re mesmerized by the majestic aerial shots or engrossed in our high-definition videos, each element is a testament to his unparalleled vision, technical prowess, and relentless commitment to excellence. Discover for yourself why Chris is not just a contributor but an integral core of the EXXOTIC Models universe, where his influence pervades every pixel and frame.



In addition to being the invisible force behind our operational and legal frameworks, Sebastian — affectionately known as Basti — also steps into the spotlight as a gifted photographer and filmmaker. His multi-faceted talent doesn’t end at constructing sets or ensuring legal compliance; he also possesses the creative flair to capture moments that epitomize the essence of EXXOTIC Models.

Not just a backstage maestro, Basti skillfully wields the camera to contribute captivating content for our platform. His visual storytelling adds another layer of richness to our ever-expanding library, blending seamlessly with the high-caliber work that defines EXXOTIC Models. With an eye that understands both the technical and the artistic, his photographs and films are a testament to his versatility and the breadth of his expertise.

So when you stumble upon an evocative image or an enthralling film clip as you navigate our platform, there’s a good chance that Basti’s artistic vision is behind it. Whether he’s fine-tuning the mechanics of our studio or capturing a model’s best angle, his work is infused with the same level of dedication and mastery.

At EXXOTIC Models, Basti truly is a jack-of-all-trades, master of all—balancing the administrative, the technical, and the creative with unparalleled finesse. His work, visible and invisible, forms the DNA that makes EXXOTIC Models more than just a platform; it’s a fully realized vision of artistic and sensual expression. Welcome to the space where Basti’s diverse talents come together to create an experience that is as intricate as it is awe-inspiring.

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